Monthly Archives: March, 2012

Medical marijuana program RI: Helping you

Have you realized the pain of someone who has been suffering from cancer? Have you realized the trauma of a patient who has been suffering from HIV? If you have done so then it will be inhuman to give them the chance to live by providing them the exact recipe of life. And marijuana can …

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Medical marijuana program RI: Relief indeed

Let people know how it can create magic. People all around the world suffering from the marginal diseases, can be cured through it. But some stigmas are preventing them from doing so or they are confused. But if they are made aware of the positive uses of marijuana, through the medical marijuana program, then it …

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Marijuana doctor RI: A curative solution

Marijuana can create magic. Most of the people have a wrong notion that this object can only be taken as a psychoactive drug which have only detrimental effects. But you are really wrong if you are still thinking so. Do you know the names of the diseases that can be cured by it? Cancer and …

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